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Car Sourcing

We are your Car Sourcing Specialists!

At Accent.ca, we offer two different car sourcing options: custom import sourcing or basic import sourcing. Simply put, the custom order import sourcing is the simplest way for buying a US vehicle and the basic order import sourcing is for customers comfortable with finding and buying a car in the US themselves, but who still want the import and registration process handled quickly and professionally.

Select from Custom Car Sourcing or Basic Car Sourcing in the list below, for more information.

Custom Car Sourcing

Custom Order Import Sourcing is the most convenient method available for buying a US vehicle. When you use this Accent.ca service, a professional import sales consultant takes your detailed requirements and finds you the exact car you specify through our North American network of dealers and wholesale sources.

You are emailed digital photos, features, options, and the price of the matching vehicle, quoted to you in Canadian dollars. Depending on the make and model, your quoted price can be thousands less than what you would pay locally.

If you approve the match, you are provided with a detailed Vehicle Specification Report listing all of the vehicles notable features, options, and warranty coverage. You are also provided with a Vehicle Condition Report. It is this report that lists the cosmetic issues, if any, and their resolution agreed to.

Based on the photos, the Specification Report and the Condition Report, Accent.ca guarantees, in writing, delivery of your vehicle in the described condition, or better. At this stage, you place a deposit and enter into a Custom Order Purchase Agreement backed by our written guarantee. When your vehicle arrives at our Richmond facility, it will go through a detailed B.C. Government approved inspection. All required repairs pursuant to these inspections will be completed at no further cost to you.

Custom Order Guarantee

Should the Custom Ordered vehicle be missing any of the options specified in the Vehicle Specification Report or possess any material flaws which have not been noted in the Vehicle Condition Report and which would cost in excess of $500 to repair and which cannot be remedied within 10 business days, you are NOT obligated to purchase the vehicle and 100% of your deposit may be transferred towards the purchase of another vehicle.

Basic Car Sourcing

For customers comfortable with finding and buying a car in the US themselves, but who still want the import and registration process handled quickly and professionally, Accent.ca’s Basic Car Import Sourcing Service is the cost effective solution.

When using this service you:

  • Locate and purchase your own US car
  • Arrange payment to seller and obtain clear title document
  • Arrange temporary insurance coverage
  • Provide us with the title and a letter authorizing us to import
  • Arrange for shipping yourself or allow us to arrange it for you
  • Pick up your fully registered and insured vehicle at Accent.ca’s s Richmond facility.

Accent.ca, your Lower Mainland car leasing provider, will:

  • Confirm admissibility of intended vehicle before you buy
  • Provide you with pre-purchase and post-sale checklists
  • Provide an accurate estimate of importation fees including duty and taxes
  • Obtain the manufacturer recall clearance letter (note: if there is a cost associated with this letter the client is responsible for this charge)
  • Prepare US Export package for US Customs Export office
  • Store client’s vehicle in a secure lot during mandatory 72 hour holding period
  • Prepare all required importation documents Present all import paperwork to Canada Customs for approval (note: original title is required)
  • Handle all import paperwork and Customs Brokerage documentation
  • Disburse Duty and GST on client’s behalf (PST is payable at time of registration)
  • Duty, GST, and PST costs are the client’s responsibility
  • Submit paperwork to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles for approval
  • Arrange vehicle transportation from the US Border to our Richmond location
  • Handle all required vehicle modifications such as daytime running lights, etc. (note: modification costs are client’s responsibility)
  • Clear vehicle through Federal RIV inspection
  • Clear vehicle through Provincial inspection (note: any repairs required are the Client’s responsibility)
  • Arrange issuance of BC Provincial registration and BC licence plates
  • Notify you when your vehicle is ready for pick-up
  • Guarantee that all final registration documentation is in orderImportant notes:

This service should only be used by individuals who are comfortable with managing the risks associated with international transactions. Accent.ca advises users of this service to avoid private sales and to deal only with reputable dealerships.