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Leasing FAQs

Do I need good credit to lease or finance a vehicle?

The simple answer? No. At Accent.ca, your car leasing and financing provider, we specialize in leasing and financing to those with bad credit and no credit.

We only ask that you be honest with us when completing our credit application and provide us with proof that you can afford the monthly car payment for the car you choose. That’s right, you choose the car, whether it’s new or pre-owned. With pre-owned there are more than 800 vehicles that are offered for sale each week to local dealers at wholesale prices. Together, we select a suitable vehicle usually a late model car with new car factory warranty still valid. Our Credit Rebuilding Program is here to help you have the car of your dreams!

Can someone else drive my leased car?

Our Accent.ca lease contracts will specify who is allowed to drive a leased car. Other than the lessee, other drivers are typically restricted to a spouse or family member. If in doubt, read your Accent.ca contract or contact us and we will be able to clarify your information.

What happens at the end of my lease?

When your lease expires, you will have the following options:

  1. Pay the future fair market value (residual) and own the vehicle outright. No more payments.
  2. Sign a lease extension to finance the residual. Preserve your working capital.
  3. Return the vehicle and Accent.ca will dispose of it for you. Any equity is yours to keep.
  4. Trade in your equity on a newer vehicle. Reducing the cost of your new vehicle.
Why should I choose corporate leasing for my business?
  • Leasing offers off balance sheet financing so that it does not effect your acid, current or debt to equity ratios
  • Leasing helps to preserve your working capital by keeping the cash in your business where it is needed
  • Leasing offers lower payments than traditional financing by means of a residual payout at lease end
  • Leasing does not require that you finance the substantial sales tax on the purchase price of the vehicle
  • Leasing can offer tax advantages; operating lease vs. capital cost allowance (consult your financial advisor)
Why does equipment leasing with Accent.ca work?
  • Conserve capital:

Leasing allows you to conserve cash and leverage the buying power of your operating or capital budgets. When capital is conserved by equipment leasing, it can then be directed for other company needs.  (Inventory financing, salaries, advertising to drive new business, etc.)

  • 100% Flexible Financing:

Fixed rate financing is structured to accommodate the specific need of your business. The 100% financing from Accent.ca includes shipping, installation, and set-up, as well as a minimum down payment.  All you pay in the first payment.

  • No prepayment of taxes:

Federal (GST) and Provincial (PST) taxes are paid upfront on new purchases. In equipment leasing, the two taxes are factored into the monthly payments thereby, saving this cash for other uses.

  • Tax Benefit:

With equipment leasing companies can expense their monthly lease payment. Whereas, financing through a bank, only the interest can be expensed along with the amortization in the balance sheet. Companies can then better match revenues with expenditures by paying for the equipment while it is used to generate revenue.

Financing FAQs

Do you only finance used vehicles?

No, we don’t. At Accent.ca, we finance new vehicles and used vehicles, whatever you’re looking for! View our inventory here.

I am new to Canada, can I finance a vehicle?

Yes you can! If you are a new immigrant / foreign student with no credit, we can help you finance a vehicle today.

What is the difference between financing and leasing?

When you finance a vehicle, you are purchasing it by taking out a loan and paying what you owe in installments. For example, if you purchase a car that costs $20,000 with no downpayment, you’re taking out a loan of $20,000 and repaying it over time, with interest.

When you lease a vehicle, instead of borrowing against the full price of the vehicle, you are borrowing against the amount the car will depreciate over the term of the lease. For example, with a lease of three years, and a depreciated value of $10,000 due to regular use, you only have to pay the difference of $10,000, which is much less expensive than the full $20,000. At the end of your three-year lease term, you often have the option to buyout the vehicle.



General FAQs

Why should I choose Accent.ca?
  • Accent.ca has been serving BC and beyond for over 27 years, we are here for you today and will be here for you tomorrow.
  • Accent.ca is a family-owned business, lending it’s own money. Decisions are made in-house so that you get an immediate response to your needs. You will never hear, “We’re waiting for an approval to come back.”
  • Accent.ca provides leasing for new or used, all makes and models cars or trucks. Your Richmond leasing provider even does equipment leasing for such assets as forklifts, computers systems, alarm systems, office furniture, etc.
  • Accent.ca has relationships with all major manufacturers and has an extensive network of wholesalers, brokers, and importers. We also have access to every major vehicle auction in North America, so if we do not have it here and now we will get it here for you, FAST!
  • Accent.ca’s many years of automotive leasing experience can assist you in selecting the best automotive solution for your steadily growing business.
  • Accent.ca’s management team works closely with your business to provide innovative and flexible solutions for your automotive leasing needs.
How does Accent.ca work?
  1. At Accent.ca, your Richmond car leasing provider, we start your lease off at our dead cost, no retail markup. We pass on to you any and all incentives offered by the manufacturer.
  2. You choose a payment term from 24 to 60 months.
  3. The future fair market value (residual) of the vehicle is determined for the term you have chosen. The difference between the cost and residual value dictates your payment.
  4. Take the keys and enjoy your new vehicle
I found a vehicle I like in the US. Can you help me import it?

Yes, we can! Simply look at our Accent.ca Car Sourcing page. We would be thrilled to help you import a vehicle into Canada, and we will ensure all paperwork is handled properly and professionally.

Where can I view your vehicle inventory?

We have an extensive inventory selection at Accent.ca. Please view our inventory page here. We offer such selections as compact compact cars, crossovers/SUVs. full-size cars, passenger vans, pickup trucks, spots cars, and sub-compact cars. We want to help you find the car of your dreams!

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