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New Immigrants / Foreign Students

Accent.ca is Here to Help New Immigrants / Foreign Students with No Credit Financing

Being a new immigrant to Canada can make it difficult to obtain the credit you need to purchase or lease any new or pre-owned vehicle. At Accent.ca, your BC car financing provider, we specialize in lending to individuals who are not yet employed in Canada and who do not have a Social Insurance Number yet. We are also able to assist international students in obtaining credit for purchasing or leasing their new or pre-owned vehicles. When you have no credit, come see the professionals at Accent.ca. Our General Manager, Mr. Brian Law, has more than 27 years experience helping international students and new immigrants find the perfect solution to financing or leasing their luxury car purchases. Whether you’ve located your dream car on Craigslist, at an independent or franchised dealer in Canada or the US, or your friend has offered to sell you his or her car, we can help finance your purchase at our Tri-cities car financing provider. We only ask that you be honest with us when completing our credit application and provide us with proof that you can afford the monthly car payment for the car you choose. That’s right, you choose the car, whether it’s new or pre-owned. With pre-owned there are more than 800 vehicles that are offered for sale each week to local dealers at wholesale prices. Together, we select a suitable vehicle usually a late model car with new car factory warranty still valid. When you are new to Canada, and have no credit, we can help you get into the car of your dreams! Contact us today!

Learn the essentials for financing a vehicle with no credit as new immigrants / foreign students by browsing the Frequently Asked Questions on our FAQs page. Accent.ca has a large selection of vehicles for you to choose from in our inventory, and we are happy to help you find something that meets your budget criteria.

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