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Our Accent.ca inventory is extensive and diverse! We are proud to offer new vehicles and used vehicles to all of our customers, with comprehensive leasing and financing options. We are also able to offer corporate leasing and equipment leasing for those who need it.

A family-owned and operated business, we have been serving British Columbia for over 27 years. Our focus as a Richmond car leasing provider is giving families and businesses financing and leasing options for automobiles and equipment. We aim to deliver top-quality service with a smile. We place an accent on customer satisfaction!

Whether you are a business leader, just looking to get back on the road after a financial setback, or have no credit, our flexible credit terms, combined with our excellent interest rates, will ensure that you are pleased with our results. Our Credit Rebuilding Program is an excellent solution to bankruptcy or bad credit situations.

Accent.ca is proud to offer a diverse selection of vehicles for our Richmond and BC customers. Take a look at our full-range inventory of Richmond car leasing vehicles at the link below: